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over 7 years ago

Problem statement themes

Just a few more days to go to Techfugees Melbourne.

We've posted the problem statements and these are the themes

Disability access and support
The inability of people with a disability to know about and access support.

Lack of recognition of qualifications; lack of work references and Australian employment experience.

Lack of ability to access support to become familiar with systems, knowledge and networks to start own business in Australia.

Food security
Lack of income for many asylum seekers and refugees on low incomes is a daily issue for prioritising seeking employment, transport, children’s needs and food

Many refugees and asylum seekers experience chronic illness and yet are unaware of the range of medical services to support them.

Insecure housing as a result of limited income, overcrowding, exploitation acts as a major barrier to the successful long term settlement for people.

Without English proficiency or access to interpreters, refugees and asylum seekers are disadvantaged yet only some categories of visas are allowed to access the maximum of 510 hours of English classes.

Legal system
People at the time of arrival cannot be expected to know all the elements of Australia’s legal system and may break laws here that did not exist in their home country.

Migration advice
Access to skilled and qualified legal advocates is critical and yet, as a result of demand, is not available to everyone seeking asylum.

Migration hub
Access to services provided by migration hubs are important but transport and time can be a problem.

The lack of recognition of skills and qualifications gained overseas wastes the lives of refugees and asylum seekers as they are unable to work in their area of expertise. Australia’s productivity is also disadvantaged.

The dramatic increase in global migration has led to rising numbers of families being separated along perilous routes through diverse countries

Translating and interpreting.
Without access to interpreters, refugees and asylum seekers with limited English are unable to negotiate systems, access services or understand critical information about themselves and yet funding for interpreting services is diminishing and many people are not offered access.

See You Friday


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